Wednesday, September 16, 2009

color stuff

Ok it has been a long summer. Full of camping, road trips and inspiration. Now school is back in session, my youngest is finally in full-time school and I can get back to work.

Getting back into the groove included an informative session this morning at the Oregon Convention Center for a presentation on the Spring/Summer color forecasts for 2011 by PeclersParis. It was fun to see the textures, colors and vision proposed for fashion. For any of you other artists out there looking for color forecasts, I thought their site was a bit challenging, but if you have the opportunity to see their presentation it is worth the 20 bucks.

Another item I am in love with is the new Pantone color app. I should rephrase, I am in love with the concept. Just saw the info in my inbox yesterday so will download it today and take it for a test drive. Anyone already have this app and have an opinion? What looks so awesome about it is that you get the matching system for coated, uncoated and matte, a well as the fashion and home for paper and cotton libraries. It allows you to capture colors from your photos and snap to closest Pantone color. Yes the list goes on and on.

Color seems to be an ongoing challenge. How to see what is hot, what will be hot and then apply it to your own work. Another resource I have used is Mpdclick. Great spot to check out high end cool, and get inspired by some wonderfully fun palettes.

I would love to hear what sources you use for color forecasting (besides general home goods shopping). It can be expensive to buy the forecast books, so tell me if it is worth the cost. Or if you can do just as well without them.