Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the value of blogging

Ok, so I had coffee today with the amazing architect Ted Argo. Well...during coffee Ted mentioned that I have not blogged in three months. Which sadly is very true. Here's the scoop.

1) Kids are home from summer, which means juggling work and being a mom. Less time for the projects that do NOT have a dollar amount associated with them.
2) I just don't know that Blogging does much for me. Really. I have NOT gotten a single project via blogging. I have gotten comments, and yes have enjoyed sharing creative experiences, but has it generated money? No. Does it need to? Well, it would be nice.

With that said, I just don't know whether Blogging, and Twitter really have a lot of value for a small creative business person. Sure I show up in Google Alerts, and yes a few people read the posts and the Tweets, but... ultimately as a business person aren't we supposed to spend our marketing outreach efforts to garner MORE work? And if that is so, and IF most of my work is via word of mouth, then I think we creatives should spend more time drinking coffee and talking to the people who share our names. Why bother Tweeting to 'MarigoldLover' on Twitter when they will NEVER send me any work. Doesn't it make more sense as a small creative professional to call up your connection at that agency and see if they want to visit, check in and generally stay on their radar?

So, is their a value to Twitter and Blogging for us creatives? I don't know, you tell me.