Friday, February 22, 2013

drawing live

I have been so busy with projects lately that I haven't had a chance to share some of the awesomeness. Let me tell you about this one to kick things off.

I got a call from an past co-worker, Amy Hall of Grow Creative. Amy does wonderful work and is an amazing designer. She needed an illustrator to draw live on video for a wine company 'Vinmotion'. After meeting with the client and going over the project I realized this was going to require a lot of planning, and on the fly ability.

Essentially we had 16 panels that required drawing, both typography and illustration. I also would need to sculpt and create fun concepts for stop motion graphs. Working with a great team, Matt Franklin and Dan Pred and Amy Hall, we came up with a solid visual story and collected our props.

The day of the shoot I had 48 boards, just in case I screwed up on the 16 panels we needed to shoot me drawing. Long story short, after two full days of shooting, I had used only 16 of the 48 boards. Yes, that is correct we had no screw ups. Well none that required a new board anyway.

Below is a screen capture from the video of one of the more detailed drawings. I love my job.

a flashy annual event

I love getting an email in October from Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt. That fall email means the Flash holiday card is ready for creation. One of the best parts is I get to work with Susan Burr, who is a wonderful idea person and always has such fun concepts. The second best part is that I get to create a new style of art each November for the holiday card, telling a new little story.

This year was the story of a snowman and windy day. The snowman introduces the holiday gift of a monogrammed card to the viewer. Just a subtle nod that the recipient may not even know about. The style this year is in a faux watercolor look, thank you Photoshop.

Check out a frame from the card below.