Sunday, February 14, 2016

New big idea

As a creative, half my life has been pondering new ideas. Hardly any are brought to life, most are just projects gone undone. However, there are those few that are begging to be created. This idea is one of those special ones.

Over the years my family has hosted foreign exchange students. At latest count we have had 9 different students stay with our family from overnight to 9 months. We have hosted kids from 7 different countries. One of the icebreaker questions we often ask new students is if they have a tongue twister in their native language. We find it a great way to learn about the students culture and appreciate their home, plus it allows us to share ours with them. It also proves yet again, that no matter where you come from, we are all very similar. Since the students come here to learn English they often find the tongue twisters fun to practice. Long story short, this little game of ours inspired me, that if we enjoy hearing and trying to say them, others may as well. Thus the idea is born, and here I am illustrating an E-pub of foreign language tongue twisters.

I have 28 submissions so far, and I believe 17 languages represented. I am posting the first finished illustration for an English tongue twister. I will happily post the others as I finish them.

I hope you enjoy seeing the book grow.