Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well now that the good news of my first big licensing deal has sunk in, I am working hard to leverage it into more work. I am repurposing the piece that sold into other product categories in the hopes that I can secure more licensing deals.

This process showed me that there is a real cycle to how I work:

1. Ideas
2. Ideas evolve into sketches that fill my sketch book
3. Sketches turn into finished pieces as I paint them digitally
4. Final art is put into branded pdf that will be submitted
5. Research markets to submit new art, existing art
6. Submit
7. Wait, fingers crossed
8. Follow-up to see if anything is worth pursuing
9. If yes, do more work to try and secure license
10. If no, either loop back to items 1 and 2, or jump to item 5.

I can't say that I started out with this cycle or whether it just happened as a natural progression. The real positive to me is that identifying the process will help me going forward to create better systems for tracking the work, and where I am with it. I realize that as I have more successes the process will need to be more organized so that I can evaluate what pieces are working, and where they have been, and where they have yet to go.