Thursday, December 17, 2009

just make art

Here comes a new year. I don't make resolutions. I refuse to make a resolution. I don't mind setting goals. Goals are good, they give me something to shoot for. So what are my goals for next year. Make art, send art.

Simple enough premise eh? Just make art. Keep drawing keep making, keep doing. I believe in order to succeed in any creative pursuit you must just keep making art. If you are a dancer, keep dancing, a poet, keep writing poems, if you are a performer, keep performing.

Often we get frustrated because we haven't gotten the big break. We haven't been found. But we can't get found if we don't keep it fresh and just keep making art. Hone your skill, stay current and keep making your art.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

calling all muses

I watch reality TV. There I said it. Ok, not all reality TV, but I have a few shows I like. One in particular is Project Runway. You have to give me some credit, it is artsy and ultimately creativity is the goal of the show and the reward goes to the most creative.

While watching the last season the contestants had to make a special clothing item based on their muse. Their muse being their model that they chose to wear the clothes they designed. Since that episode I have heard muse come up in various creative conversations. This got me to thinking about my muse.

I don't think I have one. Sadly. I have moments of inspiration that are launched from random beginnings. From the Crate and Barrel catalog with all its wine glasses that inspired me to draw whimsical and dainty wine glasses (seen to the left), to the 1970's enameled bowl I put my popcorn in with the funky line drawn mushrooms, to the estate sale I attended and saw a pile of old lace. I suppose my muse is life, being open to inspiration when it appears. Sometimes I am looking for it, sometimes it is looking for me.

Who or what is your muse?