Friday, November 20, 2009

Goal setting

Everyone is busy. I don't know a soul who is bored and has nothing to do. Except for my kids, and that is a whole other story.

When it comes to managing ones time and creating a place for oneself in an industry you can spend 24 hours a day working. Finding time to; social market, direct market, research, and follow-up let alone create art can eat up your day. After seven years as a freelance illustrator I find that I would accomplish nothing if I did not make lists of attainable goals. Let me say that again and I emphasize 'Attainable Goals'.

It is easy to make a to-do list, a daily, a weekly, monthly, yearly or more. But each list needs to be attainable. I have had goals that were so lofty that that item leapt from list to list without ever getting accomplished. What I have found is A) either take that goal off the table until you have either the time or skills to really accomplish it, or B) break it into smaller bits that you can actually do something with.

Currently I have a daily list of basic stuff that needs to get done. Then I have a more grandiose list of goals I am working towards. It has taken me years to realize that I cannot do everything I want, when I want. I know, seems pretty obvious doesn't it? However, if you have found yourself frustrated that you aren't doing all that you want career wise, I recommend a long meeting with yourself. Sit down and write everything down, then group, break apart and regroup until you have a concrete list of what you can reasonably achieve. Just the act of this may free you up to really conquer that never ending list of stuff to do.