Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cupcakes keep falling on my head

Well not really. But I am cranking away on my cupcake illustrations. I like them. I would eat them. But mostly I like painting them. All the cupcakes I am painting are all digital. I eschewed the Caran D'ache, and am working in Photoshop via Wacom tablet. Transitioning from traditional mediums into painting digital feels very natural to me. The style seems to translate, the colors are a non-issue. Heck I think I like it. The upside, I have a 'no-need-to-scan' piece of art in my computer, the downside, I don't have a tangible piece of art (God forbid I don't back up my hard drive and all that dog hair starts a fire in my tower). I do love that I can try different shading and painting, without messing up my original. I also like adding and deleting elements. It really does offer a lot more flexibility. I can dig it. Check one of my finished cupcakes to the right.

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