Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the end of summer

I know summer isn't technically over, and depending on where you live it may seem farther or nearer from ending. However here in the NW we have received our first 2 full days of rain and grey sky. Which doesn't mean summer is over, but it could mean that those glorious days of open windows, blue skies, and dry lawns are nearing an end sooner than usual. Heck it is mid August. With the end of summer comes one of my favorite things, the return of school. Don't get me wrong I love my kids, and love having them around during the summer to make me laugh. But when school starts I can get back to work. I miss it. I miss the quiet. I realize we illustrators are a lonesome sort who work from our studios, with no one to talk to for hours on end. And I like it! I like the quiet. I miss it. With summer coming to an end, I can have quiet time, and drawing time. Yes I miss the sunshine and inspiration that it brings, but I get silence which begets productivity! I can listen to music without interruption, or I can focus on that one little section of my painting that isn't quite right. I can sit and stare at the texture of the background the relationship of the colors and shapes without someone asking for something. Oh yes, summer ending is bittersweet. Our happy little ball of fire in the sky may move on to warm other parts of the earth, but as it moves it it leaves a wake of quiet that I am so excited to embrace. I can feel the rush of creation gurgling just below the surface right now!

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