Monday, December 15, 2008

cold weather and a sketchbook

Oh how I love it when we get our annual snow storm. Here in Portland we are lucky to get one a year. I have all sorts of detailed theories on what temperature and humidity conditions need to exist prior to the official call for snow flurries that will guarantee snow for more than an afternoon. Of course none of my theories are backed by science but that doesn't stop me from spouting them to anyone who will  listen. 

Since we in the NW are icebound, in the freezer for the week, I find that a hot cup of joe and my sketchbook on the sofa is a great combo. I am finding that the creative juices are flowing with all sorts of licensing doodles. Now that I have my handy chart created that details what work is in need of production, I just have to start producing! First out of the gate are some fun Christmas Tree images. I am anxious to post my sketches, but I will lead with this fun flickr picture, it sums up the spirit of Christmas trees that I want to create.  

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Barkley's said...

What ever your theories may be Karen a little snow dance always does the trick!