Monday, March 9, 2009

skills I have learned from my dog

Often I find myself thinking how lucky my dog is. He gets fed, he gets to go for walks, he gets someone to rub his back, I mean really? I was pondering his life, and how he sees the world and realized he had a lot to teach me about being. 
1) Never stop thinking this is your lucky day. Oreo never loses sight that today might just be the day. The day for what I don't really know, but he knows today could be it.
2) Be loyal to those who have always been there for you. Loyalty is paramount to being a dog, and to being true to yourself and those that help you be you (and what artist hasn't relied on someone to help them learn or evolve?).
3) Celebrate every meal. Ok, well maybe not the meal per se, but every success. It's easy to overlook the small ones sometimes, but they deserve a good nod.
4) Never give up hope that someone is going to give you attention. C'mon every artist wants attention. We all want to get noticed and get some deserved attention for all our hard work.
5) Don't be afraid to take a break from it all. Now my cat is the master at this, but this is about the dog. So, take a break. 
6) Be happy. Even though the kibble is monotonous, life is pretty good after all.

On that note, I think I will go make a fresh pot of joe, and go chill for awhile.

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Dwayne King said...

Blogging? And about dogs? You go girl! You're going to take this itty, bitty world by storm...and you're just getting warm.