Monday, April 13, 2009


If you have ever heard of the movie Rudy you know that it is a football movie. But if you have seen it, you know it is NOT about football. For the record I LOVE the movie Rudy. I have seen it enough times that I don't even need to see the whole thing, I really just need the last 4 minutes or so. 

As I said it isn't about football. It is based on the true story of Daniel Ruettiger, and is about determination. In a nutshell, Rudy wants to play for Notre Dame, and all the odds are against him. Through hard work he manages to play on the practice team for Notre Dame and gets beat up for years, never making the real team. Finally in the last 10 minutes of the movie, he gets to dress for the last game of his senior year (see here). And through the respect of his team, against the wishes of the coach, he ends up playing two plays in the last few minutes of the game. He manages to sack the quarter back and is carried off the field. 

Of course Rudy is an inspiring film. It is supposed to make you cry, make you feel good that his hard work paid off. You're supposed to get teary eyed (I do). And every time I watch it, I find it relatable. No I never wanted to play for Notre Dame, but really making a living as a professional artist, that is not what your average high school counselor advises you to do. It is a dog eat dog profession where talent is as important as timing and good luck. But beyond talent and timing, is sheer will. Because any artist can tell you, there are countless occasions to give up. Between the first 'Thanks but no thanks' letter, to the next 'Thanks but no thanks" letter. It takes an immense amount of dedication and desire to get up, dust off and keep moving forward. 

I think every artist needs to have the last 4 minutes of Rudy saved on their desktop. God knows we need to remember, never, never,never give up.


alteredbits said...

Oh, I love that movie and have forgotten about it. Thanks lady! I think the boys would enjoy watching it too -- we need to see it. :)

Also, I LOVE your new bug pattern! You've been holding out on me!! Hadn't seen that one yet.


BJ Lantz said...

You said it, sister! (and well, too :-)

Laura Zarrin said...

Love that movie! Gets me every time. Thanks for the reminder.