Friday, February 10, 2012

PR seems like a good thing

As an independent artist, I do all the roles of a small business owner. I promote myself, I do the networking, I manage Linkedin, try to update my site regularly, send thank you presents to clients for the holidays and of course do the work that pays the bills. I often think of buying a list from a reputable source to do direct mail or email or even cold calling potential new clients. But have not taken the plunge. I know from years of being in the business that PR is a good thing. I am too cheap to pay for it. Sorry PR people, I respect what you do, and maybe I just need convincing that the investment is worth it.

I will take free PR, happily. This week while working on a project for a client (the most awesome Sock It to Me Socks), I saw that my sushi sock design was highlighted last November in Seventeen magazine. Although Seventeen magazine is not my first choice for where I want my work seen, I am not going to complain. The good side is my design was chosen for the fashion pick, the downside is, no one knows it is my design.

How do I pimp this awesomeness? Of course I tweeted it, posted a twitpic, but there has to be more. Now I am blogging about it, but what else? Do I issue a press release? Or Lord dare I even attempt that? I will gladly admit that I can draw, but I am NOT a writer. Kudos to the writers out there. I will post it to my website, perhaps make a note on my Linkedin page.

But most importantly I will take pause and bask in the glow that I am a professional artist. I do make a living drawing and creating for other people. They find me, and they pay me to make things for them. How lucky am I? Thank you universe for the greatest job, and the teenage PR love.

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