Friday, October 5, 2012

job review

Recently a friend was bemoaning a job performance review they had to endure. The friend was telling me how they hated the process. Their boss would sit them down, tell them how they were doing and ask for action items followed by whether they would get a raise. At first I sympathized because it doesn't sound fun. And then my friend told me how lucky I was to not have to go through job reviews. I agreed, 'Yeah, it is nice.'. Then it dawned on me.

I have job reviews constantly. I mean all the time. If I don't do a good job every time I take a project, that is my job review. Because the client won't want to pay me, let alone rehire me. Every time I start a new project for any of my existing clients, or a new client, I have to enter it as though it is the best and most important project I have. Why? Because each project IS a performance review.

Being a freelance illustrator/designer is one of the best jobs I can imagine. Being self-employed has many many perks, but don't you think for one minute that you don't have to go through a job performance evaluation. Consider it 'job performance on steroids'. But hey, you can take a three day weekend anytime you want!

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