Friday, January 16, 2009

personality of the talented

My family and I were watching American Idol last week with our Turkish exchange student. She likes to sing so we thought she would find it entertaining, and well we often find the auditions entertaining too. While we were watching the show, my husband pointed out that you can tell the people who have talent as they enter the room and speak their first sentence. There are traits that are fairly consistent. Now if you have watched the auditions, or seen the trailers you know that some people who try out are awful, no terrible. Some come in with brazen attitude and are 'ok' or maybe they suck. But the ones with the real talent, the ability to shine come in with no fan fare. The tend to be 'real'. They enter with a calm self-assuredness. Not easily rattled, not visibly nervous, and often with a slightly humble air. The cocky, the flamboyant, the trash talkers, the beggars, the nut jobs, they are so obviously faking, pretending to be talented. So what does this tell us? I think we can apply this art as well. When you go to an illustrators site that feels forced, over the top, contrived, self-ingratiating, it feels awkward and the art feels amateur. But when you go to a calm site, with purposeful art that is not boastful, you can tell this person knows what they are doing. Letting the art speak for itself, thereby letting us see the artist as the art.

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