Sunday, January 11, 2009

sketchcrawl rocks!

Yippee! Yesterday was my first 'SketchCrawl' and it was a great time. I met fellow artists, and spent some quality time drawing. I remember when I was in college and used to survive on public transportation to get around. The best part were all the unsuspecting victims on the bus and train. I have page after page of innocents, sketched on their treks, the business man reading the paper, the tired mom with kids, the skater boys, the girlie girls, oh yes the down trodden and the bored, the drugged out, the hipped, the oblivious. I love those sketches, I remember almost everyone, really I do. 

SketchCrawl reminded me to slow down, watch the world go by and of course, make a permanent record of it! My thanks to the Portland group, Alanna Randall you kick much butt. And to Antoine, the subject of my first sketch. 

Looking forward to the next SketchCrawl.

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