Thursday, May 7, 2009

staying positive

Boy do not listen to the news. I wish I could ignore it. But alas I read and stay current. Which makes me think 'How can I stay positive?'. One thing is, I am so grateful the economy sucks as the weather improves. It would suck just that much more if we were heading into winter. Now we will most likely be heading into winter in 6 months with the economy still tanking, but for now, the flowers are bursting forth, the peas I planted are climbing, and the sun comes out ever three or four days. 

One upside is that I am creating loads of new art. Heck people may not be buying right now, but I will have a trove of art to show once the buyers start buying. And yes, I am optimistic that someday the buyers will buy. It is the making of new art that keeps me positive. Often I am too busy to work on the new ideas, I am too busy keeping projects moving and doing the bread and butter. But right now the sketchbooks are stacked around my screen and the scans are being colored feverishly.

Another upside is my yard looks GREAT! No weeds, and the flowers are happy, and I planted a cherry tree, a new berry bush and am planning more raised beds. So if all else we can feed ourselves. 

Thank God for spring, sunshine and dreams of future opportunity. I can't afford to feel down when so much is down around me.

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