Wednesday, January 5, 2011

live your truth

So I spend a lot of time laboring over my art and myself as an artist. Recently I completed a piece that may never get purchased, or licensed by anyone. But I had to finish it. Why? Let me tell you.

When I went to college it seemed the main difference between the 'illustrators/designers' and the 'fine artists', was that the fine artists painted or drew for themselves. If someone liked it, great. The commercial artists (as we were called back in the day), created art for MONEY. And we were looked down upon, go figure. Now, as a grown-up I personally think many fine artists are just as commercial as I am. However there are those rogue artists who whine and paint in their somber moods and never care if anyone likes their work. Oh, and the happy go lucky artists who do their art for pure pleasure.

Ok, that was the groundwork. Why did I finish that piece that will likely NOT net me any money when I am a professed illustrator and commercial artist? Because I still have a bit of that fine artist in me who sometimes just needs to get the art out. Even when I know it is just for me and the sake of doing it.

Want to see it? Ok, here is my fun pattern 'Ode to the humble cut of meat diagram'. Personally I think this pattern is awesome I would so totally LOVE an apron made from it.

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