Monday, September 22, 2008

why I love Photoshop and Rain

I really love Photoshop. Now that I am working exclusively digital having migrated my work from Caran D'Ache I am falling more in love with Photoshop. I have used Photoshop for years, since version 2.0. Which was quite awhile ago mind you. And as with any good relationship we have grown together, learned each others quirks, loved each other in spite of our shortcomings and in the years have brought more to the relationship. A true give and take. It shouldn't come as any surprise that PS is delivering the goods. But let me tell you tonight I just fell a little more in love than I was already, and I really didn't think I could fall any harder. Let me explain my devotion a little better. Long posting short, I was working on cupcake 4 because I wasn't quite pleased with the color balance. So I called my art advisor in for a quick review (my 10 year old son with a smoking great eye, and a mean palette too). He made some very astute observations and within 15 minutes the cupcake went from 'nice' to 'perfect'. Rain (my son) gets credit for seeing what I was struggling with, and PS gets credit for making the adjustment so stinking simple. It was a beautiful moment. Now without further ado, look and see the difference to the left.

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