Monday, November 24, 2008

new cupcake

I just finished another cupcake. Or mostly finished. I think it needs a few more touches but I am happy it is 96% done. The stripes caused me much grief but I knew I wanted all of them in the piece. Just getting them to play together nicely was the problem. Luckily I have a brilliant friend down the street who has a fantastic eye and all I had to do was send her the image and she was able to give me the fresh opinion I needed and the stripes became good friends. Aww such luck. Thank you Melanie! 


Papa Smurf said...

Sorry, the early December Oregon tripis off - we are going to my neices wedding in Utah instead - sorry you got bumped for a relative - you know how we Mormons are - there's a ton of us cause we're trying to take over the world. We'll see you yet this winter - I am sure - if nothing else - we are in Oregon April 10 - 13 for a track meet for Jeff. Love and miss you guys.

Doug Ellingson

Karyn Servin said...

Poo! But I do understand. Damn family. We would love to come to Jeff's track meet though. We will count on it just the same, send details. We love and miss you too!