Tuesday, November 18, 2008

staying on target

One of the hardest things for me as an artist with a family is staying on target. There is always something demanding attention. But that isn't all. With technology changing so quickly and new ways to connect ever evolving, it seems I am always adjusting my focus. The art is of course paramount, but along with doing the art, keeping the faith and being true to your muse, comes along family and technology. Sometimes I find I just need to take small bites. Don't look at every avenue, just like you can't look at your whole house when it seems as though it has thrown up on itself. No, instead you just take one thing at a time. And then build on it. If you have read my posts you know I am working on a collection of cupcakes. I have 5 done now, and am expanding to include design elements with each of the 5. Along with making the art, I have joined the Art Licensing Forum. Which has led me to a great luncheon meeting fellow artists in Portland that are working the licensing angle. That in turn led me to Twitter. Which no doubt will lead me to the next curve in the road. All along the way there are the holidays which demand personal time. Which is my salvation on many days. I won't wax poetic on being a mom, because it is a dirty job full of mess, mediation and madness, but it is the reason I get up every morning. Art has been just as selfish, just as thankless a job but never cuddles up and says I love you. But alas here I am deviating from my message, staying on target. Essentially what I struggle with is keeping the big picture out there, working on the small steps to get me closer without getting too sidetracked. Note to self as said in a monotonous tone in Star Wars (#4 for all you nerds) - Stay On Target.


Barkley's said...

i believe myself to be an artist of sorts with hair as my canvas. Keeping up with the ever changing hair fashions, being a mother, a wife and cinderella can get overwhelming but staying on target is achivable..baby steps is my key. :) so glad your blogging! -stefani

Karyn Servin said...

I agree Stefy. You are an artist too, and you totally know what I am talking about! Hey did you go see Twilight yet?