Saturday, November 29, 2008

open edition art coming soon

Last week was an interesting week for a holiday. Historically I am slow right around Thanksgiving and Christmas (mostly due to my own desire for extra baking and fun). However I was contacted on Monday by a supplier of art to asking if I would like to sell open editions via and and Now the ink isn't dry (I haven't read the whole contract), but as long as I don't see anything that would prevent me from licensing my pieces for other products, my cupcakes will be available early next year on and I think lots of sugar-a-holics and baked-good-admirers will be happy to support my yummy art. I am also considering selling my fun kids imagery as well, specifically my airplane, and the toy doggie, as well as some bugs. After I read the contract and sign and send, I will post more.

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Tara Reed said...


That is so exciting! Congratulations! Just be sure the contract includes the type of product you are licensing for-- namely art prints on paper, canvas, etc. You don't want these lil' cupcakes tied up across the board.